Studying abroad for children, schoolchildren, students. Language camps, private schools, higher education abroad.

International Study is an educational agency that offers free services for finding quality educational programs for children, adolescents and adults in world prestigious educational institutions abroad. Our experienced experts will help you apply for best universities and schools in USA, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Austria, France, etc. Admission services with us are free.

For foreign students studying abroad is the first step to future success in education, career, and building up useful social ties. The skill set received at a leading foreign university will help to acquire the latest academic knowledge, master modern technical facilities and an opportunity to implement the obtained modern techniques in practice. The unique experience of independent living abroad helps students become more adaptive, ready for the challenges of their future professional life.

InterStudy focus area:

  1. International Study will help you choose high school educational programs at schools abroad, pre-entry courses for admission to elite universities, and language tests. We work with applicants from the moment of applying for admission, preparing documents (transcripts, sending certificates copies, certificates to the admissions committee) until receiving a positive response from the university. We help students apply for scholarships. For Masters and PhD students - find the right university chair and financing for their scientific research.
  2. A popular field of ​​study abroad is language courses for schoolchildren, students and adults. InterStudy experts will select a program that meets your needs: a language camp for a teenager, language learning in a teacher’s family, an English program for the whole family, a course with activities without studying in the class. There is a great deal of language programs and fluent English proficiency can hardly be overestimated: it will be useful to those who plan to study abroad, build career in an international company, and travel around the world. Command of foreign languages ​​not only makes a person more mobile, ready to study at a foreign university, but also expands his understanding of the world, making him open to intercultural communication. Language courses on the portal are represented by many different kinds: a flexible schedule, various costs, a wide range of additional options. Language courses can be combined with courses in art, cooking, sports training, hiking, robotics, in-depth study of academic disciplines, etc.
  3. Another field at InterStudy is internship courses selection that provides an opportunity to gain practical experience in a foreign company. People, who seek for permanent employment abroad and plan to obtain a residence permit in a foreign country, will appreciate this option.


If you are planning your first personal study trip abroad or for your child, choose proven quality educational centers. The most popular schools, universities and camps are located in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Our qualified staff will help you choose the best courses abroad, take care of all practical arrangements and help save time and money.

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